Wedding Testimonials
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Smallridge wedding

"I write in deepest appreciation for the evening of complete musical enjoyment you and your talented musicians and singers provided for us on October 22, 2005. You had everyone from age 2 to 90 totally enthralled! I can't remember being at an event at which literally everyone was on the dance floor for the better part of the evening. Thank you for setting our hearts and feet to such delightful music and for taking such personal care in providing exactly the selections we requested."

Elizabeth C. Smallridge

Kogod wedding

"I am still basking in the afterglow of Lauren and David's wedding. It was such a beautiful, magical weekend. As I reflect on what made it so extraordinary, I appreciate how perfect your music was. You created the perfect ambiance. You met all our hopes and expectations, and then some. Working with you is pure pleasure and delight; you are one of the nicest people I know. I look forward to many toe-tapping years together.."

Arlene Kogod

Roddy Wedding

"Thank you, thank you for your enthusiastic, sensitive, and joyful participation in Delia and Stephen's wedding. From the sweet gravity of the strings at the ceremony, to the joy and energy of the Hora, to Elvis -- you did it all, and it was fabulous!

When Siobhan and I came to speak with you back in January, and you listenend so carefully to our thoughts and our wishes, and you made such helpful and relevant suggestions, we knew we were in the right place, takling with the right man!

Delia and Stephan had a wonderful time at their wedding, dancing, enjoying their friends, celebrating their happiness. You and the Floating Opera were a significant part of their day, and we could not be more delighted!

Tom joins me in thanking you and your musicians for a stellar and memorable evening. We are so happy that you were with us!"

Mary W. Roddy