Corporate Customer Testimonials
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White House Diplomatic Reception

"I want to thank you and the Floating Opera for the fabulous performance at the White House during the Diplomatic Reception. I have received extremely positive feedback on the evening and want to thank all of you for making it a very special one."

Ann Stock, Social Secretary

The Cable & Wireless GTM event

"Just wanted to say it one more time... thanks a million! The event was fabulous.The clients were overwhelmed with the great entertainment. ...Your team was pleasant, professional and just downright cool. ...."

Valoree Vargo, Jack Morton Worldwide

Stardust Ball

"I have long been one of your advocates when people asked me about bands, but now I am not only an advocate but a “True Believer”. My best wishes to you and your staff. It indeed was a job well done. "

Peter Vance Treibley

VOGUE reception at the Corcoran

"Thanks for being so flexible and patient with the rather hectic set-up. In the end everything sounded so great. It was a perfect sound for the space and the caliper of the event, and my clients at VOGUE were very pleased. I can see why you came so highly recommended by the Corcoran and the White House Staff.”

Joe Heffeman, Rovert Isabell Inc.

The World Bank Group Volunteer Services Carnival

“We cannot thank you and your colleagues enough for your contribution to our successful event. Your session on music from 25 years was a big hit and it contained something for everyone. As you observed, nobody needed prompting to participate in the dancing. We have rarely seen such enthusiastic dancers and we have had so many favorable comments on the music selection and quality.... We noted the rapport between your orchestra members and we shared your sense of enjoyment....We are happy to share our success with you and wish to thank you for a memorable event."

Vim Maquite, Chairman, Carnival Committee

Dewey Ballantine Holiday Reception

“I want to take this opportunity to thank-you for the impeccable services you provided ......we feel most fortunate to have worked with such capable and talented specialists. ...It truly was some enchanted evening, and praises are still being sung! We will long remember the invaluable part you played in this glorious event.... "

Pennie McKinney, Office Administrator

Crate & Barrel

“Your band, your singers, and yourself - were all fabulous! Gordon Segal, the president of Crate & Barrel, said that we’d never had better music at a party. And that’s the truth! I just can’t tell you how pleased I was with the way your music just brightened up the entire evening .......I knew when I spoke to you over the phone that you would be a terrific asset to our party. Your enthusiasm and easy-to-get-along-with demeanor were a good indication of what was to come."

Bette Kahn, Community Relations

Levine School of Music Gala

“WOW!! You and your band are absolutely fantastic. Never before have I seen a group of society folks get so loose on the dance floor. Great selections, great arrangement, great execution, great sound -- everything was first rate, Glenn....You made this year’s gala the best ever, by far."